Posted by: Rowland | September 21, 2007

On the cutting edge?

I was a little alarmed on our UK visit to discover samples of a middle-aged generation (younger than me) not very conversant with analogies I was drawing from ‘The Lord of the Rings’. In an age where there is so much dialogue about mission and the shape of the church they knew nothing of the blogging conversations going on around the world, but then this was true of much younger folk from the ‘New Churches’ too. Can it be that we are still too ‘parochial’ and have become comfortable, lacking vision and the pioneering spirit which brought such churches into being? However we did meet one past friend now linked to a Methodist Church in a village and quite conversant with discussions about ‘fresh expressions of church’; it was so encouraging. And then we came across one young man on the last night of our stay who knew exactly what we were talking about and had the boldness to admonish me, “Let’s have no more of this talk about being old: it’s a matter of being young in spirit!” Thanks, Rob, for the admonition: the church is going to need more young men like you.

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