Posted by: Rowland | September 28, 2007

Coping with intruders!

Since we returned we have been disturbed again by a young man attempting to sleep, wash clothes and generally invade our outside patio space. Thoughts about the ‘homeless poor’, providing food for them etc., go through our minds and we have done all those things but he seems to demand everything on his terms and when resisted will eventually resort to cursing us! We have in the past resorted to the police, guard dogs & security, but he has always come back and they can’t provide permanent protection. His presence is a disturbing influence. He is unstable. There are the elderly and young children legitimately on our premises. He needs help but we haven’t reached the stage of ‘with a word casting out evil spirits’ regardless and I guess the question is ‘Does he want help?’


  1. Rowley,

    Satan is using all sorts of devices to upset what God is trying to do. We see this here in the UK.

    Have a group of you in the house, stand against satan and ‘send him to the place prepared for him’. Be bold in the power of the Spirit.

    Continue to pray against satan until the man either goes away or until he askes for help, then pray for God’s guidance as to how to help him best.

    Will be praying with you.


  2. My guess is that he has built his identity within being ‘poor and needy’… It is a satanic distraction, but he himself is compelled to find attention and solace in this activity. I would be willing to stand with you guys and pray as a group against the Satanic plot against your home… coz the guy isn’t the enemy in this situation.

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