Posted by: Rowland | October 2, 2007

Prayer 3

Clearly a bondage was broken the other day and there is a new eagerness to pray and a renewed confidence that had been dulled for some time. So I’m glad to report progress. When things like this happen I’m reminded of one of Nicky Gumbel’s Alpha stories about the better TV reception once they discovered that an ariel was needed! They certainly didn’t want to go back to the TV as it was before. I wonder how much we assume things are minor ‘just us’ conditions when in fact much greater freedom is available as God’s perspective is allowed to shine into our lives?



  1. I agree, Rowley… the subtleties of the situation are such that we do think these ‘minor things’ are ‘just us’…

    I remember encouraging one of the girls in SHARP that she should actively resist worry, because we have a tendency to “guard our weaknesses”, or fiercely police the blatantly wrong things in our lives, but we don’t guard our strengths, thinking that those things are safe.

    But when the freedom comes, then you see what you were bound by in the first place!

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