Posted by: Rowland | October 7, 2007

Spiritual surgery

I am amazed that only a short time after being so unusually emotionally confirmed in my desire for our next house move to be associated with a place of prayer and a place conducive to writing, then God seems to be unearthing unconscious wrong beliefs that have been embraced in the past. They would come as a complete surprise to most friends for few would have believed that I have been limited in this way and I myself simply thought that this is just the way I am.

A few days ago I mentioned God removing a blockage to prayer. Now, today, it is a blockage to the mental process of coming to firm convictions. I have never been interested in systematic theology and some other areas of debating have left me on the outside of the conversations; my opinions have never been formed enough for me to feel confident enough to get involved. I have acquiesced to the thought that my mind doesn’t work quickly enough for the cut and thrust of debate; I come to what I think perhaps several days later. But I realise that is another wrong belief formed by words spoken to me by a schoolteacher (which I thought I had dealt with) but also subsequently as a young man by my own wrongly comparing myself disparagingly with others abilities.

I sense the Master Surgeon is at work again and I look forward to new levels of ability to debate being added to a greater confidence in prayer. Isn’t God good, and who would have thought that at my age He would still be concerned enough to bring greater wholeness – there is hope for us all!


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