Posted by: Rowland | October 31, 2007

A tough day (relatively)

You know what it’s like when you go out on a limb asking God for something specific by a certain deadline and it seems as though nothing happens (and God is not answering)? Today was one of those days. An old friend had these days often. His solution was to go off on his own into the woods and SHOUT at God! I’m not sure whether there was any immediate outcome but it always seemed that the ‘being real’ added something to his testimony and credibility. Today was one of those days for me. I wanted to get away from everyone but couldn’t find the solitary space to shout. And someone said to me yesterday, “I believe God is beckoning you…” Is this His standard approach?

Oh, not only did we not get the Immigrant Status breakthrough that we wanted but I had my pocket picked in the stampede to get into the building, thus losing my wallet, cards, driving license etc., but we got 6 months extension of stay! Someone once called these ‘anti-miracles’!



  1. Perhaps life is not full of antimiracles but rather areas where the kingdom of Jesus has not yet been re- establised ( having been sold out to the enemies control at the fall) and only violent prayer and pressing on in the face of great opposition, emerging from “the great tribulation” which has characterised the whole of the church age to date will yeild the desired outcome…..

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