Posted by: Rowland | November 3, 2007


Following the pick-pocket incident I have had occasion to visit the local Central Police Station twice. The second occasion was to arrange for the Lost Driver’s License Report to be completed so that I could take this official confirmation to the Licensing Department and set in process the request for a replacement license. I use the word ‘process’ deliberately because in the Caribbean that word conjures up an indefinitely long time, if not an eternity!

The friendly Police Officer completed the form rather laboriously by hand and then asked me to sit down while she wrote it all out again(!), and then I was asked to sign both copies, one for them and one for me to initiate the process. The revelationary, and perhaps revolutionary, thought hit me: they don’t even have a photocopier!

Now having recently bought a photocopier for home use I realise they are not cheap and may well be beyond the budget of the local police force (!) but I think I will be minimally public-spirited and take them a packet of carbon paper.

I wonder what I could also donate to that other Government Department that deals with, or rather processes (?), immigration papers?

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