Posted by: Rowland | November 4, 2007

Church buildings

I walked to the supermarket this morning. It’s amazing what you see when walking that you miss when you ‘fly’ past in a car. I realised that there were four church buildings and five, if you count a well-known sect: a Pentecostal mission hall and an Anglican chapel are the named ones, and then slightly hidden way back from the front road is a ‘walled’ construction that has recently replaced a wooden assembly hall (& singing was coming from inside) and then nearly opposite but also set back is the steel girder frame of a completely new church building: I wonder what that will be? I realised afresh that these church buildings are not just a past heritage but they are still being perpetrated as the way forward today – and still competing for space in a few hundred yards. This is a salutary reminder that the church on a broad front is still tied to outdated and un-Biblical concepts which surely must be seen as irrelevant (and off-putting) to today’s generation? Or are such things only spiritually discerned? The recent book, ‘UnChristian’ probably has something to say about this from an American perspective of how ‘outsiders’ view the church. Oh for a more imaginative (and Biblical) approach to church. (And, for Barbadian friends, “Open seven days a week, including Sundays!”)

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