Posted by: Rowland | November 8, 2007

Routine sort of day

A good early walk up past Adam’s castle (apparently now sold) and worked through the newsreader contents and e-mail. Prayed the ‘Divine Hours‘. Dropped Vicki into the doctors with a query but all was well and meanwhile I went to Immigration to collect our passports. Although it was the set day I was told they were not ready and I should have called (phoned); indeed I was made to feel that I was at fault for not doing so! “Life in the Tropics!” but it is sad that people’s word is no longer their bond and ‘reconfirming’ has become normal in Barbados. This meant I could not apply for the replacement driving license as intended…

Collected Vicki who also visited several wholesalers to compare prices for wedding catering ingredients and then her office where her decisions were required and then back for lunch. It was HOT today: slept for an hour after lunch. Then out to do the weekly shopping at the supermarket, all the time pondering some ideas in mind for a gathering with some young adults this Saturday.

Later read some book reviews, answered some calls and started typing…

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