Posted by: Rowland | November 11, 2007

Mobile, incarnational mission

15 of us were together last night looking at an understanding of church which is not a static, attractional institution but a mobile, incarnational mission. Again we looked at the much needed role for overcoming explorers (as in Rudyard Kipling’s poem, ‘The Explorer’), whilst recognising a place for pioneers and settlers who will follow. The word ‘conspirators’ in Adullam’s Cave comes to mind from somewhere!

Explorers will need to hear that ongoing ‘whisper’ of the Holy Spirit and a mobile church will require continuing responses from our hearts and lives. Matthew 21: 23-27 reveals the vital importance of recognising what God is doing in our time. For the religious leaders then, the issue Jesus held them to was ‘John the Baptist’? – and how difficult it must have been to accept this unkempt voice in the wilderness in the light of their historic God-given religion. Their failure to do so excluded them from further understanding and from God’s purposes (Luke 7: 30), yet the common people heard John, and then Jesus, gladly.

Recognising God’s moving presents an ongoing similar challenge to every generation and especially to us in the one we live in. History with hindsight is much easier to deal with! Hungry hearts are a healthy basis.

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