Posted by: Rowland | November 13, 2007

Time to move?

I missed my usual morning walk/jog on the last 2 days but resumed this morning – and had a surprise. The track through the bush (what was once cane fields) previously badly overgrown had been cleared so that you no longer had to ‘balance’ your way through the really difficult bits. Someone had taken a tractor mower right through and restored the full-width track! But it didn’t stop there: when I got to the top road all the bush at the other side of the road had been ‘cleared’ too. What was now missing though was the ‘secret’ path that someone always kept clear at the other side of the bush, only a meter wide but the grass was cut low so that it was an acceptable but hidden path, and which I enjoyed. It was almost like ‘my’ private path perhaps only known to me and the person who kept it free – so it seemed. But now everything is bulldozed down and it seems ugly; the beauty and the privacy has gone. Something precious has been lost.

I thought of my recent post about explorers, pioneers and settlers. I remembered Vicki’s reaction to the similar clearing of the land below our house; it felt like a violation and she wanted to move. I feel the same. The path has been cleared but the mystery has been lost: time to “move beyond the ranges”!

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