Posted by: Rowland | November 17, 2007

Wet, working men

It has been non-stop rain in ‘paradise’ which means flooded roads – already disturbed by major creative roadworks to the highway – and time-consuming journeys. I got soaked on my morning walk/jog, but it was worth it. Decided not to get changed but to get straight on to clearing the drain that is causing blocked toilets. I lifted one man-hole coversmall man-hole, which was clear, but the other was just too large and heavy and so the experts have to be called in. So returned to helping some older friends with their computer – updating an ant-virus program on a ‘dial-up’ computer that kept being bumped off the internet. Some of you might be asking, “the blind leading the blind?” But you are wrong! It works! And other quirks are solved too.

Nearly fell asleep driving back – so many delays. And it’s still raining. Good Bajans would be ‘hibernating’ at this point but I’m still thinking of things that should be done.

11172007002.jpgNot sure what this guy’s thinking of – probably diving in to my drain. Come to think of it another one might be what/who is causing the blockage! He would just fit into the pipe!

But I have to admit to feeling sleepy too… I wonder?

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