Posted by: Rowland | November 18, 2007

Moravian legacies, Cleon & Ute

Sunday is usually quite relaxed for us; no more rushing off to formal church meetings and although a cell group often does meet in our home in the evening, generally we can relax, read, think or whatever – wonderful – and much needed after early starts to every other day!

In the evening group we discussed many things including a discernable prayer movement emerging locally and we took note of the worldwide 24-7 prayer movement and the International House of Prayer movement. Also noted was an interest in ‘liturgical prayer’ amongst those for whom this would be a ‘foreign’ tradition.

And then Cleon arrived – a friend from Guyana – but with his wife of 8 days, Ute.Cleon & Ute They are working with YWAM and in due course Cleon will be taking her back with him to eastern Europe where he has been working for 9 years. It transpires she comes from Herrnhut, the place that birthed the historic Moravian prayer and missionary movement – of special significance to our 24-7 friends. What a marvellous legacy to draw upon.

Some 25 years ago some friends of ours called their house, ‘Hebrews Meadow’, which was a name given informally to that area of town. The story is that John Wesley preached in a field on that site and of course spoke from the Book of Hebrews, thus forever afterwards giving it its name. Little would he have realised that some 250 years later a Christian community would have their homes on the land where we had preached. And , of course, the Moravians had a significant influence on his life.

In the Caribbean we give thanks for the Moravian missionaries who actually sold themselves into slavery in order to bring the good news of Jesus to slaves. May that legacy of wonderful sacrificial love live on in our friends Ute, Cleon and us all.


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