Posted by: Rowland | November 22, 2007

Mother Mary Agnes and my drains fixed!

Well really it was the clearing of our downstairs toilet which was blocked by tree roots which was not resolved by lifting the manhole cover outside but by needing to remove the toilet bowl – not what either I or the plumber expected. Nothing was evident from either outside or in; it demanded deeper investigation. I mention all this mundane stuff because at the same time I have been re-reading about the faith and the practical skills of a nun, Mother Mary Agnes, who in the last 20 years or so has pioneered a praying community on the island of Fetlar in the Shetland Islands off northern Scotland. She is an Anglican Franciscan, and so we are way different in our approach to church yet her faith, and practical hard work, in adverse conditions is an inspiration. In fact my reading her books for a second time is a rare recommendation from me and I’m enjoying them just as much as before. If you can find them, have a read: A Tide that Sings, The Song of the Lark, Island Song, For Love Alone – and let me know if she has written more.

And some people in the UK, who may not even know this lady, are convinced that these northern isles are going to be the source of a further movement of God. God’s ways are higher than ours!


  1. I’ve lived on Fetlar for nigh on 17 years and in the whole time that I’ve lived here I’ve only seen Mary Agnes or any of the other nuns about 10 times, they really practise what they preach and live very insular lives, which, given the size of the island is quite impressive!

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