Posted by: Rowland | November 25, 2007


Sunday morning is my favourite! It’s the only day when we don’t actually have to get up at dawn or earlier and the phone rarely rings. And so there is time for reflection and this morning my mind went back to childhood and the constant enjoyment of visiting a friend some 2/3 miles away. I think I spent more time with him than he at my house but I may be wrong. It rarely ever seemed to rain on that cycle ride and I only remember summer days in his garden/yard, using his father’s metal working lathe, creating model railways etc. – boy’s things. And then I remembered we didn’t have phones then! And so arrangements were made the day before, at school, or at the last visit, and life seemed so uncluttered with responsibilities or even interruptions – idyllic!

A few years ago in our home group a friend asked, “Why does life always have to go forward?” When we all recovered from our amusement, I realised it represented a plea for the simple life, free of interruptions with ample time for creativity and much more. And for me that is part of the joy of a Sunday; there is uninterrupted time to think.

Currently I’m preparing three teaching sessions for the local Youth With A Mission training school on Missional Church. In my mind it is moving towards ‘The Mission of God’, ‘The Missional Spirit’ and ‘What Kind of Mission’ and the more I get into it the more stimulating it becomes. All manner of scriptures come to mind and I have even been brought to tears listening to Boney M singing their 1970’s hit ‘By the Rivers of Babylon’ which captures from Psalm 137 many of the current younger generation’s frustrations – needing to be in new, even more Biblical expressions of church life if they are to fulfil their destiny – and up until now that readiness for change has been sadly absent from many existing church institutions.

So God’s people have been here before and the excitement in my heart is that people are crying out to God for something more and some in all sorts of situations are prepared to leave in spirit what has become a comfortable exile to grasp the opportunity to recover what was lost (see Ezra, Nehemiah etc.). I hope it will not just be a small minority as it was then, who are prepared to risk the upheaval of the journey. But so it has always been; Abraham went out… not knowing… seeking… The fate of many depend on it.

Yesterday I walked/jogged up past Adam’s Castle, over South Ridge and right to St David’s church (and even went inside listening to the organist practising surprisingly early in the morning) then ran quickly back along the main road to get back onto the cane roads as quickly as possible – off the beaten track! There is a recovery of the spirit of those Celtic missionaries like David and Aidan (whose names at least made it here on church buildings) and of Abraham, who wandered for the love of God…

Of course I had my cell phone with me on the jog and now I have to think how I can incorporate Boney M into a Power Point presentation at YWAM. But there are some aspects of life that should not be lost in this digital age. Bilbo eventually confessed to “feeling all thin, sort of stretched, if you know what I mean: like butter that has been scraped over too much bread”. But at least I have Sunday mornings to myself. What about you?

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