Posted by: Rowland | November 28, 2007


Having a good time this week teaching on the current Youth With A Mission Discipleship Training School on the topic ‘Missional Church’. Have broken it down into 3 sections: the mission of God, the missional spirit and different types of mission. I’m enjoying being with them although the earlier starts getting Vicki to work before going on to YWAM have squeezed out my morning walks.

Earlier in the week we had a good evening with some friends now back from Canada after 5 years away. Also there were 2 missionaries from war-torn Chad in central Africa. We had a great meal with much good conversation.


  1. Where are you teaching? It is so good to hear other YWAM bases are exploring this topic in DTS’s. I teach on this topic at our DTS.


  2. Hi Jamie,

    This is taking place in Barbados. I’m often drawn in to teach there. Sam & Kezia are the local staff heading up this particular DTS (see blogroll) and have planned the teaching content. From seeing your comments on other blogs from time to time I suspect you would have much in common, as with Anderson Christie at YWAM (Greater Toronto) but ex-Barbados.

  3. Hey Rowland,

    That is great! I am actually a friend of Anderson’s. Keep up the good work.


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