Posted by: Rowland | November 29, 2007

Earthquake 7.3!

It was the last day of my teaching on Missional Church at YWAM. I think we had a really good time together and I was able to share very openly and honestly what my longings were for their generation and my concerns that they would explore not only fresh ways of moving forward in mission but fresh ways of being church altogether. After 3 days together questions and laughter (and tears) began to flow more easily and when we had finished several of these young folk came forward to pray for me with the laying on of hands. I appreciated that.

I can’t say that the building shook as they prayed but within a couple of hours the whole island of Barbados shook as an earthquake off Martinique shook the whole Caribbean. People ran from homes and offices and there was fear of a possible tsunami – tidal wave – along the southern coast. These fears were later allayed but this shake was a big one, noticeable everywhere. I even felt the car move as I was driving. People stayed outside for some hours but gradually life has settled down again but the papers will be full of it tomorrow, even if it is a public holiday here.


  1. hmmm… God shaking the Caribbean in response to a Kingdom prayer? I wonder….

  2. Rowley drove up to our beachfront “Des Res” on the South coast seconds after the earth had stopped undulating beneath our new home, to see me frantically gesticulating and sreaming “Get into the cars, get the dogs we need to go to higher ground!!” Not knowing anything at all about why the earth had suddenly moved, I was sure that there was at least a risk of a Tsunami. I was therefore desperate to assemble my family with two babies and 4 dogs, the workforce and head off pretty darn quick!! “Calm down Mary …..
    the voice came from the gold car …..Rowley did not appear to be worried….he cant have felt what we felt….he doesn’t realise we could be hurtled into a watery grave any time now….Why isn’t he taking the babies and rushing off?? Eventually we all got into cars, Danielle returning to the house for Matthew’s insulin, we shot off at breakneck speed forgetting to lock the house!! Somehow those kind of things don’t seem to be that important in a real crisis and this was the first real crisis I’d ever been in. We collected Matt and Dan’s other son from school and wondered where on earth we could go with our tribe and wait to see if we would have a home to return to! Well it had to be Rowley and Vicki… I mean who else could cope with all of us !! No money, no drinks and no diapers ..Woops! We were not disappointed, Vicki endeared herself to a very hungry 4 year old with bacon eggs and toast promptly followed by the same for Matt who was in danger of becoming Hypo. Boy am I glad the Whiteheads are not so heavenly minded they are of no earthly use but that what they know of heaven becomes a reality down here!! Still uncertain as to whether it was safe to return to our home we became a little concerned about the possibility of looters. So Guess who came to the rescue again…yes you’ve guessed…. Barbadosbilbo!!!! Confidently he approached his wheels, assembled the Frodos and made for our abandoned estate. “But Rowley I dont care if it all goes.. and anyway its insured, you are taking a risk with your life…don’t…..don’t.” But to no avail the car disappeared in the distance….
    All was well, but I learnt a thing or two yesterday!! In a time of real need you need God to be somewhere other than “Up there”. Isnt it wonderful that he has a church, of which the Whiteheads are a part that he can mobilise for the occasion. But I also learned that Rowley was prepared to possibly lay down his own life for his friends.. that surely is the mark of a true shepherd, and I for one am very grateful!! Thanks Rowley and Vicki.

  3. Boy, Mary, you make it appear that I’m Superman! Vicki will soon put you right đŸ™‚
    But she can cook, I’ll give you that.

  4. So glad you are ALL safe and well; shaking times indeed!

    Love to you all.

  5. BTW – we didn’t feel it here in Zambia!!!!!

  6. Keith & Gwen – I think you didn’t feel it because it happened a year ago!!!! I guess I must be more up to date with my posts!!!!

    Zambia eh? Hope you are having a good time.

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