Posted by: Rowland | November 30, 2007

A house?

We have been looking for a different home for some time. We believe it should be in a quiet country location and essentially be a ‘place of prayer’, personal study and selective hospitality as well as providing a comfortable home for us all and possibly teaching facilities for Vicki, although there may be other ways forward for the latter.

Today I went back for a second look at the outside of a property that a new friend, Rick, drew to our attention. Our first impression was of uncertainty but I once made that mistake before – looking for perfection and dismissing anything less, only to return many weary and discouraging months later in desperation. Then, once we had signed the contract, we became the unexpected recipients of a remarkable gift and loan, which enabled us to achieve our original goals and the house served us wonderfully well for the next ten years.

I’m wondering whether this property will ‘grow’ on me and enable us to fulfil the next phase of our calling. The thought of a small community developing is also in ‘the mix’ and I’m not sure how that would work here, if that is right. Please pray with us for I’m feeling I can no longer ‘sing the Lord’s song in a strange land’: we need to be in the right place soon.

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