Posted by: Rowland | December 16, 2007

Cycling dreams

I grew up on a bicycle! Or so it seemed. I can remember them all: a little black ‘mongrel’ on which I learned to ride, a Triumph roadster, a Carlton Super Race (sadly stolen and causing a long lay-off from cycling – compounded by marriage, a Honda 50, children, a Reliant Supervan III[!!!] etc.,) but years later I acquired a good all-round touring bike – a Clements Dominion, which I modified greatly to suit my tastes. That took me all over Hampshire UK, leading CTC Sunday rides and keeping me fit. Alas coming to Barbados my ‘pride & joy’ was stolen within months and the GT Talera mountain bike has been adequate but nowhere near so inspiring a replacement.

A pastor friend, who I introduced to cycling, has been quietly (if not secretly!) putting in the miles in my inactivity and now has thrown out the challenge to ride round the island sometime this year. The pressure is on!

Dursley PedersonAnd I have a new dream – a Dursley Pederson. I’d love to use one for this ride; it would create a stir and be quite a lot of fun.Use your imagination changing the person on this. Can you see it happening?

And try as I may I have not found a Clements Dominion image on the internet, but will try and get one from somewhere!

Oh, and the wedding of our young friends yesterday, which has kept us pretty busy this week, went well, and today has been ‘recovery’ day ending with this little bit of self indulgence – but realising I’m going to have to wind myself up seriously to get ready for this next major challenge!


  1. i have a clement dominium i toured round kenya/tanzania with two mates back in 1987

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