Posted by: Rowland | December 21, 2007

Barbados hub

From time to time travellers pass through Barbados and we ‘entertain’ them. Yesterday Joyce Fredericks came through en route from Guyana  to join her family for Christmas in the UK. ‘Joy’ is the widow of the famous West Indian opening batsman – Roy Fredericks – and a few years ago we, along with many others, enjoyed a fellowship meal in her Georgetown home. So it was good to return the favour – and a bed in our house is much better than 14 hours at Grantley Adams International Airport, especially when you are provided with an introductory English meal of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding! You could ask what we provide travellers going in the other direction!

While she was catching up on her rest I spent 4 happy (!) hours at the British High Commission to be available to provide support for a Jamaican young YWAM lady encountering difficulty obtaining a British visa for when in transit to Africa. She was successful. A team from their local base are about to visit South Africa and Namibia. Tonight we join them for their Christmas party before the departures to Africa and also Brazil.

And at some time I must do something about Christmas cards and shopping! Life in the Tropics!



  1. I would love to communicate with Joy Fredericks. I grew up with a Fredericks family including; Joan, Stanley, and Winston Fredericks at Alexander Street, in the town of New Amsterdam, in the county of Berbice, in the colony of British Guiana. I attended Blairmont Estate Primary School. My mother Muriel Ross, and my Uncle Kingsley Coddett were teachers at the institution. It is likely both taught Roy Fredericks at that institution. In fact, Roy Fredericks coached me at Skeldon Community Centre Ground. Roy Fredericks and Rohan Kanhai are my two favourite batsmen. They made cricket an entertainment value and worthwhile to spend countless hours observing fine performances.
    I am wondering whether Fredericks of Alexander Street and Roy Fredericks are relatives. What if any is the relationship of Roy Fredericks to legendary Police Officers the musician John H T ‘Bagpipe’ Fredericks and the author, John Campbell?

  2. Hi M’lilwana,

    I’ll forward your comment to Joy and hope that she can access it and respond from the UK.

  3. A little off subject, but I wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  4. Merry Christmas to you Vicki and Mom…..Hope you had a great day…!!!! it is 11:42pm in Georgia so it is still christmas….

  5. I would appreciate it if Joy can drop me a line, I am a long time friend of hers.

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