Posted by: Rowland | December 26, 2007

The Whitehead Christmas

We began Christmas day early with prayer on the Drill Hall beach but had a change to our usual weekly complement of folks, and so it was different to our regular Tuesday gatherings. There was much to be thankful for beyond the obvious! Back home afterwards opening presents was not a strong feature as most items from the UK have not yet arrived! Knowing that grandson Christy had however received a great box of my 50-year old Hornby clockwork ‘O’ guage railway bits and pieces to add to his own items was a great delight. And we even managed a long phone conversation with our son, Jeremy, in Denmark visiting his girl-friend’s family.
Christmas dinner was eaten at a restaurant, continuing a pattern developed over the last three or four years and which has become a real blessing for Vicki and Mum who would for many years do all the cooking and even after our family had left home often for quite a number of friends. Recent years have been quieter.

Vicki has not been feeling too well for some days now and couldn’t enjoy the meal as much as she would have liked but nevertheless couldn’t resist a quick swim in the hotel pool. We managed to track down some dear friends staying in that area of the east coast and dropped in on them for an hour or so before getting home for an early night. Vicki was not strong enough to come out for her anticipated Boxing Day jaunt and missed a good swim at Shark Hole, until the tide and waves began to come in so strongly as to threaten Mum sitting at the top of the beach and our small group escaped back to Hollow Shore for more mince pies and tea! I think it’s going to be another ‘early night’ for us in the hope that Vicki will soon feel better and be able to enjoy the rest of her teaching break. It’s a ‘day at a time’ at present.


  1. I really hope Vic gets well soon…will be praying for her…..

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