Posted by: Rowland | December 28, 2007

Video contact!

With son Jeremy’s encouragement and access to an old i-Sight camera i-sight-camera.jpgcourtesy of son Richard, Jeremy was able to link up with us on Skype for free and we enjoyed a great chat today with the promise of more to come. He has already set up girlfriend Dorta’s family in Denmark so who knows what links might follow. Now I know that this is ‘old hat’ to many of you but it was a great pleasure to us today to see his smiling face again so rejoice with us! The camera does look a bit menacing on my little i-Book, or is it just that my imaginative Christmas reading involves a Douglas Reeman novel about battling U-boat torpedoes in the North Atlantic!

Meanwhile on the ‘home front’ all is relatively quiet. Vicki is well below par in the health realm so we have done little energetic apart from Mum and I doing the weekly shop this morning. There have also been my expeditions to the roof to lop off palm, mango and nameless tree branches in the hope that we can cut off the access route for rats, so that our nights might be even quieter! Somehow the din of the monkeys playing all sorts of games up there is not such a problem and, unlike the rats, it appears that they have the sense to sleep at night too! Life in the Tropics!

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