Posted by: Rowland | December 30, 2007

ARC Caribbean ‘re-union’?

Looks like we shall all be getting together at Rob & Mary’s home, Petros Villa, this coming Saturday night for a meal, fun, prayer and a general re-union. Gordon is likely to come over from Montserrat and Toni is already back from the UK with Andrew for a short visit so with the Mitioc and Sharp cell/house churches, YWAM, etc., etc. it promises to be a strategic time.

We really are a dispersed lot yet “called to be a Community”! Just now Gareth tells me he almost certainly will be leaving St Lucia for the UK in February and of course we have folk on short-term visits to Florida, Senegal and Namibia etc. Outwardly it looks as though we are constantly breaking apart and yet we have learnt that although our structure looks so very fragile the strength is in the relationships. This is a challenge to the ‘natural mind’ which seeks structural security, but hopefully is pushing us forward to understand what ‘liquid church’ is about, and to find ways to maintain relationships apart from traditional meetings as we get on with being deployed around the world.

ARC Caribbean stands for Alliances, Relationships, Contacts – which seems to cover what we are about in every sphere of life – with relationship with God and each other at the heart. At times the ‘flag we are flying’, as a UK friend once declared, seems to be the very thing that we struggle with most, but at least we find ourselves struggling to model something, even though we fall short of the ideal! I guess that’s where vision come in.


  1. Awesome!!!!!! Looking forward to this, for real 🙂

  2. Sorry I am gonna miss this, it would be cool to see Toni again..I will be there in spirit nevertheless….how cornie 🙂

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