Posted by: Rowland | January 2, 2008

House viewing

A small group of us went to view a property out in the hills of St Joseph parish. My mother was not too impressed as it is considerably smaller than what we rent now and clearly would need building work to create what we need. It would take an imaginative eye to see what it could become with renovation and extensions etc., but we have come back with photos and I’ve since prepared a list of first impressions and more considered thoughts – 16 in all! There are quite a few pros and quite a few cons. I guess we have to say that it is ‘not ideal and requires vision’ (see recent blogs) if we are to see it through and perhaps Vicki and I will have to visit it again on our own before a decision is made. It would be wonderful to get a real ‘feel’ that this is the place (of our dreams) but then Vicki reminded me that very few of the properties that she really liked ever became ours and the ones we eventually lived in were adapted to and enjoyed anyway! Oh for the pillar of cloud or fire! We have looked at several situations now and long to get this stage over so that we can proceed.

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