Posted by: Rowland | January 12, 2008

Perspective & Commitment

Spent most of the morning up some trees trying to cut down the higher branches affecting the neighbour’s TV arial and providing a highway for rats as well as monkeys onto our roofs.

Over Christmas I’ve added one or two extra sites to my newsreader – they are not all reflected on my blogroll because there the links are only mutual ones at present, but it’s a major way for me to keep up to date with current trends and thoughts on the church and mission scene. It’s good to have a wider perspective.

Coming up later today is our monthly ‘Frodo’s time’ and the theme we will be exploring is commitment – both from scripture, my past history and the challenge if the vision set before us in the Caribbean is to become a reality. Faith here tends to be individualistic and related to what we enjoy,  so that things are fitted in ‘if convenient’ – which will not get the job done!

A greater vision and corporate understanding of the task before us and the lordship of Jesus is needed. I understand something behind the call to prayer if these qualities are to be birthed in this generation for they have not come naturally to many.

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