Posted by: Rowland | January 16, 2008

Government change

Yesterday was election day in Barbados and the surprising news is that we have a new government – the Democratic Labour Party replacing the Barbados Labour Party, who had been in office for 3 terms. It is the extent of the swing that was surprising: there seemed popular expectation of perhaps a more balanced parliament but not such a sweeping change.

I don’t really know enough about the differing policies of two ‘labour’ parties, although on a personal note one wonders what effect, if any, this will have on our long outstanding application for an upgrade of immigration status or our desire as ex-patriates to purchase land and property.


  1. Well, there really isn’t much idealogical difference between the BLP and the DLP. Like you said, both are “Labour”.

    If I had to guess (and it’s a guessing game for me, even though I’m Bajan), the BLP is right-centre, pro-business (or pro-“big money”), and the DLP is more left of centre, “all about the people”, and socialist in focus.

    I usually get my best political advice from my barbers (!), who have succinctly put it this way (forgive the bad english, it’s BAJAN!):
    “When the BEES in goverment, money does flows, but when the DEES in gov’t, dey don’t got nuh money”

    Bajan barbershops are usually quite good for (fairly) deep philosophical/political/spiritual debate. But that’s another blog post, I guess :-)…

    As for me, I’m glad for the change, if for no other reason than to remind our politicos that they’re not invincible, and to remind the people that when we exercise our civic rights as we should, it’s often dramatic what can happen.

    Imagine what could happen if we prayed like we should! Wow!!

    As for immigration papers and expat land ownership…well…I don’t think much might change on that front, but both issues are topical so you might hear some noises from both sides.

    Watch and pray. 🙂

  2. lol

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