Posted by: Rowland | January 20, 2008

Public swearing in of new Barbadian government

Was at the world-famous Kensington Oval cricket ground today, along with thousands of Barbadians to witness the public ‘swearing-in’ of the new Democratic Labour Party Cabinet before the Governor General. DLP being sworn inIt was obviously a celebratory occasion for most but remarkably in today’s world it was an essentially ‘Christian ceremony’ with much prayer, singing and dance, with church leaders giving keynote exhortations and which seems to mark a strong change from the former Government’s stance of embracing religious pluralism. Cynically the danger of this is an outward show of religion for political purposes but one sensed here more genuine motives than that and certainly the opportunity given to the heart-felt prayers of the good cross section of church leaders was more than could be expected in most countries of the world. All in all, a remarkable occasion dlp-ceremony.jpgwith much potential for good, although we are in a nation which still retains much outward religious activity which can inoculate people against catching the real thing! Let us pray that the vows publicly made today in God’s presence will be honoured and this Government really will seek the guidance of God in these globally troubled times.


  1. […] Source: Rowland Whitehead’s Webblog […]

  2. Thanks for the insight!

  3. Hear, hear, Rowley!

    I realize your submission has gotten some more attention in the Bajan blogosphere…. Check it out:

  4. lol – Bilbo, the Bajan celeb!

  5. I was very pleased to see this, as the other major party was quoting Nietzsche!

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