Posted by: Rowland | January 29, 2008

Property search

Jean Iszatt (aided by Phil) is with us for a while and hoping to advance our search for a suitable property. So we are traversing the country, looking here and there and everywhere. and even I have been on roads I have never travelled on before. Tracking down owners of land is quite tricky and it is still uncommon to find ‘For Sale’ signs on properties, so we are faced with quite a task. So far we are visiting possible sites that Vicki and I have already uncovered, trying to get a sense of appropriateness or otherwise, and then trying to find owners so that we can move the process forward on all the properties to see which doors open up. I have tended to fall into the trap of trying to find THE right place before doing anything but I’m hoping Jean’s different approach and encouragement will prove more fruitful.

We are unsettled where we are. “How can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?” captures what I have been feeling for quite a long while now. By ‘land’ I mean this present home – not that we should leave the island! But for the next phase of our work we need a new location.



  1. if it’s a new location (country) you guys are looking for join me in Albania – I would love that (I really would) .. but anyways … all the best in your property hunting . I hope you guys find it before I leave so that I can bless and see it. Also so that I could visualize it when you all send updates.

    Blessings and peace be multiplied!

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