Posted by: Rowland | January 31, 2008

Have we found it?

Yesterday Phil, Jean and I viewed a property that Jean wanted us to see: she had seen it advertised some time ago but I had dismissed it as too expensive. It wasn’t really in the location that I had anticipated – not isolated or hilly enough. But strangely, on reflection, there had seemed to be a spiritual seclusion about it – a positive sense that it was a place conducive to prayer and meditation. At the top of the house there was a small room with a view – an ideal quiet room, and also a large enough garden to find solitude in. Part of the property was round in shape and had a very large deck/veranda as part of the entrance area. The quiet room and deck were on our specific ‘wish’ list but because of the price I kept it all ‘at a distance’ but noted it was in great condition with a lot of extras thrown in.

Getting home later Jean wanted to pray and as we did so I thought of the quiet room and the deck and tears started to well up from deep within – and the tears flowed, just as they had done when first thinking of a place of prayer in the middle of nowhere. It’s as though we are stumbling forward and finding the clues of the Spirit’s presence when we hit on the right thoughts or place.

Vicki and Mum visited it today. Leaving somewhere is always hard for Vicki but the clues are looming large; even among the furniture selling with the house was an old antique ‘prayer stool ‘ just like one Vicki treasured in the UK but which a tenant had destroyed to her great distress. It was the first thing she noticed in this property!

If we are to proceed we shall need to find the ways to raise the extra capital so prayers are welcomed at this strategic point.


  1. I hope so .. it is always nice to find what you seek … makes life alot more pleasant … gives a sense of joy and fulfillment … oh how i long to experience that!

  2. Let it be, Lord! Bring the finances and everything practical to make this move; it sounds like you’ve led them to the place for them to call home… and for the church to have a base of prayer and meditation.

    Let everything work together for the advancement of your Kingdom 😀

  3. Amen!

  4. Glad that the well keeps springing up!
    The Lord rewards those that seek him diligently.
    we prayed together for a release of capital into your situation before reading your blog! how exciting is that!! Loads of Love tucker’s

  5. Prayers are coming Rowley prayers are coming or going whichever way you look at it… :

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