Posted by: Rowland | February 14, 2008

Time to write again

And it’s just what I’m thinking about right now – nothing planned, just life.

For a while I’ve been waking early, around 4 a.m. At first I thought it a sensitivity to the presence of a squatter/prowler who brings his own demonic disturbance with him. My mum is particularly sensitive to him/them but it affected me too and I would patrol the house with torch (flashlight) in hand. Vicki slept!

But I’m now thinking it to be a ‘God thing’ – a wake up call. All is wonderfully quiet then and strangely my mind seems very alert, even though a few years ago I determined not to burn the candle at both ends and ensure after my heart incident that I got adequate sleep. I’m reminded of monks whose routine involved night prayers and others too who got up a great while before day… Well, for this to happen to me, it would have to be a God thing! And so I find that it’s good to turn on the computer and type what I pray; it seems to help concentrate my thoughts and of course there is a record of what I’ve prayed.

Will this be a long-term thing? I don’t know, but right now it seems good. Perhaps it’s a preparation for our thoughts about a ‘place of prayer’ and a semi-Celtic rhythm to life. Oh, and of course, I fall asleep after lunch…


  1. Wow about the pre-dawn thing.

    You too – I find that I’ve been waking up all sorts of crazy hours of the morning of late.

    At first I thought that it was just a dream or a bump in the night that got me going, and I would promptly lull myself to sleep, without praying…
    But increasingly so (and it’s a discipline thing for me), I’ve been using the time to pray and meditate on a Word of Scripture, or on a Rhema word He’s impressed on me then or sometime in the recent past.

    And yea, my house can be a circus (God bless them) of noise and activity, so I’ve found it a useful time for growth as well…

    Rowley, again, you’re an inspiration and an assurance that I don’t need a sleeping aid. 🙂

    And “HAHA!” to the falling asleep after lunch thing. I can totally relate!

  2. Thanks Jason – glad I’m not the only weird one around!

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