Posted by: Rowland | February 17, 2008


It’s a quiet Sunday morning and I’m gently relaxing, catching up with my newsreader blogs, thinking about housing, and thought I’d put in this cycling interest point on my own blog.

Years ago I pinned a cartoon on our kitchen cork-board: it depicted a monk on his knees praying but in the ‘speech bubble’ was a picture of an Italian Ducati motorcycle! It wasn’t long before I had acquired an MZ 250cc and then soon afterwards a Kawasaki 550GT which I subsequently used as a courier and did 96,000 UK miles in a little over a year and a quarter. I got rather more than I dreamed for!

And now on my laptop wallpaper I have one of these: Another dream Our proposed new home is on a relatively flat part of the island although a friend has challenged me to a ride right round the island which will be a lot more demanding. But I would love to do it on one of these. I wonder….

I guess there are lot of things I still want to do before I grow up!


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