Posted by: Rowland | February 20, 2008

God of mission

Thoughts as they flowed from Vicki’s pen pencil this morning: –

The correct and only response to God is worship. Worship is required of us as breathing is of a human being. When we are in the presence of God we will worship. It is the only thing to do. The presence of God in our midst IS worship. It brings forth worship that is un-self-conscious, because it is an acknowledgment that the Lord of all has created us – we are his creatures. We are not our own. We belong to him. There is nothing in us, and nothing that we have or are, that belongs to us, outside of God. All that we have and are is his alone. We are possessed by God. Therefore we will go when he says GO. His presence is a sending presence. All that he is says GO. His nature is mission and sending. Everything has to bow before his sending presence. You cannot worship God or be in his presence without him speaking the word to your heart, “Go”. It is at the heart of worship. It is the heart of God. God could not be God and fail to “Go” himself. He is who he is. And so he came. He left all and came because he is a God of utter mission. He is a self-sending God and to come close to him in worship is to be sent – sent into a broken world – sent to die. Mission costs everything. Mission is everything. The presence of God is worship. The presence of God is mission.
He is a God who in his very nature sent himself to our world – to live and work and die. He can do no other – such is his nature and such is His love. Touch God; be in his presence, worship him and you will be sent. You will find, all unbidden the words rising in your heart and on your lips, “I will go, send me” and from that going and from that sending there is no turning back. It is not something you do. It is something you are. The God who is real has touched you with his passionate sending heart.

See you have a pen that won’t write. What frustration! A second pen that won’t write – deep frustration! God’s heart is to write a letter of love to this hurting, grieving, rebellious world – but he needs a pen to do so. He is determined to do so. He will write, so he will take up any offers of any pens or pencils that will do. His only requirement is that you are a worshipping, flexible instrument in his hand. He can make you write when you didn’t think you were suitable, nor qualified, notable, too foolish, and too sinful. God does not require anything of you except openness and obedience. He will do everything else necessary. But do not dare to come into the presence of God without a heart that is open to Going into the World for God. For to worship is to be sent by God. It is his nature. It is your nature too as you come close to God. There can be no other response to His love.



  1. Stirring my spirit, as always…

    I can relate to that: ‘Touch God; be in his presence, worship him and you will be sent.’ All that God is telling me is ‘Go’ – so much, and in so many different forms, that it is truly overwhelming. I concur wholeheartedly! Lord, I worship u again and again – “How Great Thou Art”, as I was singing lustily in the car coming to work this afternoon….

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