Posted by: Rowland | February 28, 2008

Keeping on track

It’s been a busy time recently with lots of ‘pastoral’ issues finding their way to our doors. These are too private to blog about but it is amazing that when we sense God’s leading in our house move to create a ‘place of prayer’ (which presents so many challenges to us at the same time) we end up ‘fighting so many fires’ in other people’s lives. The danger is that we don’t give adequate attention to any of the issues through being overwhelmed by each apparently urgent crisis that people face and we find ourselves diverted (and hence under great pressure) from the most important matter that God has put before us increasingly over the last 3 years or so.

I suspect this sort of challenge led to Abraham’s contrived relationship with Hagar as he submitted to pressure to see God’s promise of a son fulfilled. At least that’s how it feels: it’s a struggle to keep on track at times.


  1. Understood. Prayer point. Got it.

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