Posted by: Rowland | March 9, 2008

The Challenge of Change

We went to pray for two guys tonight who have just moved into a new apartment. While we were together it struck me that of the fourteen people in the room most were facing times of significant change in their lives – either jobs, homes or vocation. And it also seemed good, while blessing this new home, to point out that it would be really good if this group of mainly young friends continued to support each other as these changes were gradually outplayed in each of their lives – and beyond the immediate circumstances.

Friends are so precious and important and there is an eternal ‘ring’ about some of the relationships that are being established and which need to be nurtured through all the different phases of our lives.

Within a mile of the apartment where we prayed I had earlier come across the following amazing illustration tree in tractor of just how stuck we can get if we don’t keep moving. The tree is actually growing right up through the rusted remains of the tractor. Take another look > tree in tractorFor those who are interested the vehicle is a Fordson made in Fleet, Hampshire, UK but it looks as though its been out here on a disused sugar plantation in Barbados for a very long time! Did it run out of spare parts? Was it worn out or just discarded as a better model came along? My prayer is that none of these young people will get stuck but thoroughly fulfil their purpose in this life – and beyond. And how good if they could maintain their supportive friendships throughout. Praying together had a really good feel to it containing much hope for the future.


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