Posted by: Rowland | March 13, 2008

Continuing prayer

We are praying regularly now that we shall be able to purchase the property that we believe God has led us to.

We want to cultivate God’s presence there through prayer, meditation, study & writing and mission. The latter will involve meditative retreats, selective hospitality, networking (locally & globally) and especially encouraging and equipping young adults. We want to draw upon a semi-Celtic church lifestyle with a rhythm of life and develop a dispersed Community/Spiritual Order. Of course the embrionic community already exists but I believe this move, with its emphasis on prayer, will help to establish it further. And really our longing is for more such prayerful communities of influence throughout the region.

It is significant to me that several of our friends are finding themselves waking well before dawn to pray. This is an unexpected phenomena and so has taken us by surprise, it not being something we have particularly chosen to do; rather it has happened to us but is clearly in line with the next phase ahead of us.

Others are facing the challenge of major relocations, sometimes local moves with job changes and sometimes health issues. And all this is against a backcloth of spiritual conflict. It is quite exciting if you keep a godly perspective and don’t weaken!

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