Posted by: Rowland | March 16, 2008

Back from Africa

A great evening in our home last night as Althea told over 30 young adults and friends about her YWAM mission to Senegal and The Gambia.altheas-audience.jpg

Lots of good stuff experienced but what was highlighted for me was the change in her thinking; not so much about what she wanted to do but rather her desire to be aware of God’s mission in any given situation, and then to get involved in that. althea-enthrals.jpgInvolved as we are in cross-cultural mission that stands out as a basic respectful requirement for any missionaries but I have realised that what seems obvious is not obvious to everyone! On top of this she reported the changes in their difficult circumstances as they gave themselves to prayer e.g. the speedy removal of a troublesome resident witchdoctor. I think the trip did her good!

An old friend used to warn, “Be careful about building on potential”. Looking around the room I nevertheless couldn’t help but notice the potential but will this be a generation who take things beyond words and one-off events? (This was a question one of them asked) And will they see the mission field around them now? And will they do something about it?

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