Posted by: Rowland | March 19, 2008

Handling disappointment

I witnessed today a young man having to cope with a major disappointment as a course of action he had planned did not work out. I remembered over 40 years ago when I had been given the unrealistic task of taking 3 ‘A’ levels, 3 ‘O’ levels as well as studying NT Greek and other practical work in one year (of short college terms) and all in previously untouched subjects. At the time I just tried to do what I was asked but all I needed from that year were 2 ‘A’ levels and I recall the helplessness of realising too late that I had been ‘too thinly spread’ and we had not covered the syllabuses with any degree of adequacy and that failure was inevitable, seemingly through no fault of my own. I think I got 1 ‘A’ and 4 more ‘O’s.

But seeming failure proved to be a springboard off into a new direction and I found myself caught up in the ‘Charismatic movement’ and the UK ‘house church movement’ which all proved to be invaluable experiences. And of course I met my wife, which would have been unlikely otherwise. God’s ways are higher than ours.

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