Posted by: Rowland | April 4, 2008

Visiting friends

Enjoyed a brief evening with some friends from Capital Church in Cardiff where we were based years ago. Rob &  Cath Lee passed through after a couple of weeks encouraging churches in Guyana and Surinam (I believe he even got his guitar into action there!). This was Cath’s first visit to the Caribbean although Rob has been several times with other colleagues. It was so good to catch up with them and particularly interesting to learn of Cath’s prayer adventures. And we introduced them to breadfruit chips! I hope they will  be back.

Tomorrow we provide overnight accommodation for Alison Walker who was last out in Guyana with her family 9 years ago – it surely can’t be that long since we were enjoying the hospitality of their home in the interior of that amazing country! Barbados is quite a hub for much of the Caribbean – of which Guyana, although on the South American mainland, is a part. It was on my own early similar visits to this region that I was drafted into a new awareness of the demonic realm and the reality of the conflict we are in. It was there in the UK, but not seemingly to me so obvious then, until my eyes were opened. Here we live with the awareness.

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