Posted by: Rowland | April 10, 2008

Bathsheba retreat

Managed only a day and a half away but it was very refreshing. We are concerned about our proposed relocation and went away to look at several scriptures which had earlier been brought to Vicki’s attention and now needed further reflection and prayer. One verse was the ‘classic’ “lean not on your own understanding..” which had been brought to her notice 4 times in as many preceding weeks and even as we were packing to come home (after a pleasant lunch at the Roundhouse – this is the view from our table) –  and tried to draw some conclusions we very clearly had to fall back on this principle for when straying from it I found myself in profound disquiet. So we came back of one mind and now have to work through the practical steps (which will probably reveal whether we were right!) Earlier in the day I managed a ramble/walk/jog along the coast following the track of the old Barbados Railway.

Part of the path is clear but a good deal has been washed away and requires a good imagination to visualise its former track. These less obvious relics can be seen at

various places south of Bathsheba – all well and truly now in the sea on this rugged Atlantic coast. Fortunately old photographs of the railway are now plentiful in the shops and someone has published a good book as well – mysteriously absent from my shelf, just when I want it! Anyway I enjoyed the ramble along this wilder coast of Barbados.


  1. Hi Rowley,
    Your article brings back good memories of times spent on the East Coast – as a child, as a scout in school days, and (too) few times since then…

    oh man, it’s interesting to see how far our into the sea those piles are now…and kind of sad too. But such is “progress”. And climate change. 🙂 Nice pics!

    Hopefully I can pass on the stories and the legacy of Barbados then vs. now, and of course the timeless principles of the Proverbs.


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