Posted by: Rowland | April 16, 2008


Yesterday we had to yield back to the market the property that we believed God had led us to as our next home and ‘house of prayer’ – we simply did not have the funds to proceed when the deadline came. The only thought that came to mind was of Abraham yielding up Isaac, in whom for Abraham all the promises of God were summed up – and a strange sense of peace! Our attorney/solicitor encouraged us to keep praying for it, as we shall. Even our own experiences tell us that such matters rarely go smoothly, but we had hoped… And so around our home you can see posters: “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, being convinced of what we do not see”



  1. Lord, as Abraham found a ram to sacrifice – let there be a ram in the thicket for R&V, in Jesus’ name! Thank u for the peace that passes all understanding, that guards their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus!

  2. The Lord has a place. In His time and at His place. It will be more than the former and exactly what He knows you need.


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