Posted by: Rowland | April 25, 2008

Time & procrastination

Struggling with a sore throat for the last 3 days – always takes the edge of things for me, but still providing a ‘taxi-service’ today for some young people who are having a weekend away at Rob & Mary’s house next to the sea. Only difficulty is in true Caribbean style none of them seem able to tell the time (!) or even be sure whether they are attending or not – which makes organising things somewhat frustrating! But we trust they will encounter something of God as they are together.

Vicki’s accounts are now looming large on the horizon – I always seem very good at procrastinating in that regard even though the task is not that difficult when I do get round to doing it. And on 1st May it looks as though we shall have to apply yet again for Extensions of Stay visas as our Immigrant Status applications lodged in May 2005 have still not been approved. Did I mention the word procrastination? This makes my efforts in that regard seem quite amateurish! I shall phone Immigration on Tuesday morning just in case something has happened to save us the hassle.

We did have a great time with Joy & Simon Chalke even though 10 days passed very quickly. We gleaned more about prayer, Simon talking about an intimate love relationship and not just a ‘knowledge’ one and referring to Adam’s initial relationship with God. Appreciated this visit and their peer fellowship.

Dear older friends, Robbie & Maggie, have decided to relinquish their larger upstairs apartment for the one downstairs – which we used some 12 years ago early in our time here. They are not relishing the upheaval. It’s only the second move in Maggie’s life which to us is amazing: we have almost lost count of ours.

So routine stuff of late but have ordered a couple of old books by Rees Howell (Intercessor) and look forward to a good read when they arrive.

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