Posted by: Rowland | April 30, 2008

Life in the tropics!

The sore throats have gone (vicki caught a lessor version) but then she pulled ‘something’ in her lower back on Sunday. She struggled out to prophesy over some young people on their retreat on Monday and then yesterday was even more of a struggle visiting Immigration Department (who insist we appear in person) to apply for further Extensions of Stay: we still await Immigrant Status approval having applied 3 years ago. It was quite ironic seeing my mother (91) helping Vicki down the stairs afterwards while I carried other stuff! Then we made it to the Dyslexia Centre where Vicki did not want to disappoint a child coming for their long-awaited Assessment – a 3-hour process – and then she finally gave up and cancelled the rest of the days lessons. This morning she is struggling to move and wondering if we call the doctor that she will be expected to go in to the Doctor’s surgery before advice will be given. Several people have suggested Vicki should slow down but…

Meanwhile I have to do her accounts for the Inland Revenue. In that respect I have found out here another ‘partner in crime’ who also procrastinates with that particular task: there must be a deep-seated psychological reason for this one! We have concluded that we don’t appear to help each other with the challenge – rather encourage each other in the delay competing to see who can leave it to the last possible moment. Life in the tropics!


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