Posted by: Rowland | May 11, 2008

Pentecost ‘party’

Barbados folk like their holidays and so there was considerable doubt if many would attend our usual monthly ‘Frodos’ session with a group of young adult friends. In the end, running to Bajan time (!), a dozen folk came. We explored the importance of having vision – an understanding of the wider purposes of God if we are to make good decisions about the more immediate life and direction issues that arise. We looked at the dangers of moving without that understanding and consequentially wandering in a wilderness of our own making. But when we have some understanding of God’s ways a clearer sense of perspective comes and all sorts of possibilities open up to us. The challenge is in helping people to move out of ‘need centredness’ to being true committed visionaries. Looking at Colossians we discovered what a struggle this can be: it certainly was for Paul and Epaphras who sought to draw their readers into this awareness.

We dipped briefly into some story telling about experiences with the ‘Toronto Blessing’ and referred to the current Lakeland ‘Healing Revival’ and checked out historically some earlier movements of God’s Spirit in his people which gave perspective to earlier generations and then we moved right up-to-date with a surprise belated birthday party for Althea. We like to ‘ring the changes’!

Folk were treated to an English style roast beef and Yorkshire pudding feast, followed by a chocolate brownie birthday cake. Two of the men had their very young children with them who  amazed us with their capacity for food and their energy! And one couple announced their intention to relocate to Indiana – the husband comes from there – and there were tears in the midst of a joyful and challenging occasion. Way  past our normal preferred early bed time we collapsed thankfully. Some of us are still sleeping it off! Perhaps today will be a peaceful one?

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