Posted by: Rowland | May 15, 2008


Good friends have arrived to stay for a couple of weeks. Our shared history goes back nearly 40 years and although much of that time has been spent apart in different situations, through the recent traumas in their life we have been drawn together. Of course there has been ‘catching up’ to do with some analysis of similar difficult experiences and what  there is to learn from it all. But the real questions on all of our hearts are to do with going forward – what is God indicating – how do we proceed – what is the next phase of His plan? Occasions when one path seems to have come to an unanticipated end have for me usually proved eventually to be a springboard off in a new direction which has proved so worthwhile. Without the ‘stop’ I would have probably just ‘put my head down’ and struggled on tenaciously out of my commitment to people and situations and not really allowed myself to consider other options. But God’s ways are higher than  ours…

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