Posted by: Rowland | June 15, 2008

Writer’s block?

I think the title is somewhat presumptive as I could hardly be considered a ‘writer’ – yet! Nevertheless this is the longest gap since I tentatively began this blog in August last year and each time I log onto the internet and see my dormant home page my conscience is pricked. Insight began to come when I checked out Maggie Dawn’s entry after what for her has been a blog-lite period – “If you are going to write, you have to do it everyday”. I think she had a better ‘excuse’: for me it is a symptom of a potential Achilles Heel.

Light began to dawn (!) when my printer finally stopped after a few days of erratic behaviour – shutting itself down after a job and then the power light flashing when the power cable was clearly plugged in. And then I remembered that I had ignored a low ink warning and neglected to buy a spare cartridge. The situation was soon remedied but the illustration remained.

30 years ago a wise man asked the leader of a new house church to allow me to speak/preach every week for a year, notwithstanding there were other capable speakers present. It was quite a discipline, given my family and work responsibilities, but it brought with it a real sense of fulfilment and at the end of the year the same man gave me a much wider itinerant responsibility. Perhaps 10 years later I volunteered to be part of an evangelistic team in the days when ‘street theatre’ was in vogue. To my surprise I was given quite an involved script in one sketch and remember asking, “How will I learn this?” (the implication being that it was too much to expect of someone who had left school over 25 years previously). I well remember his simple, direct reply, “By learning it!”

Another friend used to say, “Doing it, is doing it!

Mulling these things over I realised that it is possible to be always looking for a better way/method/route and fail to choose a disciplined approach i.e. doing it! We can be paralyzed captives of an ideal rather than true visionaries taking necessary interim steps and ensuring that we are fit enough to take them.


  1. Reading this reminded me of something I read earlier this morning.

    “even if you’re lost the only way forward is one step at a time!”

    I was thinking about it in the light of those I talk to who want to know God’s plans and purposes for their lives in detail – and perhaps hope the prohetic ministry will tell them.

    I was mulling over this and decided that if you know what you’re called to or even if you don’t , the best way forward has to be to follow in his footsteps – little by little one step at a time.

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