Posted by: Rowland | June 16, 2008

Cycling block? No way!

I usually ride on a Sunday avoiding the traffic but it was Monday or nothing – so I braved the heavy traffic period and it went well. On the return leg I realised someone had joined close behind so I maintained my pace (not fast by racing standards!) but he seemed content to stay in tow. I realised he would be club rider on a light weight Cannondale and when I eventually had to turn off for home he thanked me, was surprised at my age, suggested narrower tires My old GT Talera would be easier etc., but said I did well! Actually it was 3 years since I maintained that average speed on that ‘circuit’ and that was on slick tires so I was pleased. I tell myself that these days I’m more interested in distance travelled rather than speed but I guess the competitive spirit remains, even if I’m on a basic GT mountain bike!

But I’m still dreaming of a Dursley Pederson…

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