Posted by: Rowland | June 18, 2008

Emerging church/generation Y

A fascinating post by Mark Sayers equating the Emerging church with generation X gives much food for thought. Introducing emerging concepts to the traditional religious Caribbean church is challenging enough, even though exciting for us so-called ‘baby boomers’. But that we may be already behind the times in communicating among the young adults (under 30’s) who gather to us and are our priority is a sobering ‘wake-up call’. Is it possible not only to pass the baton to the next generation but perhaps to skip them for the next? Society is changing so fast.

When I moved 4 years ago from PC to Apple it was considered a radical step, but now my OSx Panther cannot cope with Firefox 3. Should I have skipped Apple and gone straight to Linux???!!! Brother Maynard thinks so. And is this what is behind Martin Scott’s 3 Generations blog?

I visit the Cardiologist later but I’m going to squeeze in a bike ride first. He’ll probably tell me that if I keep taking the tablets and exercise I’ll be alright. Now where’s that red pill?


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