Posted by: Rowland | June 27, 2008

An alert friend sent me…

Hi Rowley,

Just reading this book by Lou Engle entitled ‘Digging the Wells of Revival’, and found this passage….

“As Paul Cain so urgently entreats us, “We must have tears if we are going to see revival. If we have no tears its because our hearts are not parched. The gift of tears is more than the result of suffering that comes from living in a fallen world; it flows from feeling the pain and the suffering that the Lord Jesus feels for us. He is our High priest touched by the feelings of our infirmities. The shedding of tears shows that the heart is engaged.

Where are tears today? Prayer and intercession is the most important work of the church. Ministry in the last day is worth everything. It will cost everything…
Ask God for the gift of tears and expect it. I tell you there will be no public reaping without some public weeping. The greatest reapers in the world are the greatest weepers.”

Those who know me will appreciate why I enjoyed this quote. Looks like another book to go on the wish list…

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