Posted by: Rowland | July 10, 2008

Blog silence means prayer welcomed!

It has been good having Vicki around more of late and even some of the expected training course don’t appear to be happening – which means more availability but less income!

At the same time Vicki has had the opportunity to be involved in a ‘deliverance’ conference and I have been doing it by ‘distance learning’. It is something we are familiar with but it has been good to focus our attention in this area and to realise afresh that in the past  there have been some ‘open doors’ through accepting negative criticism etc., which satan has exploited to limit our effectiveness. Revelation having come, the doors have now been firmly shut and tonight the enemy’s forces will be cut off from affecting our lives.

While all this has been happening others having been coming to us sadly with deep-seated issues in their lives so that we have been taking several through this process at the same time. And we have been facing some personal faith challenges (involving risk of course) which have not been easy. It seems that the conflict we are in does not let up and diligence is a word that has been uppermost in my mind of late. So when nothing is being written that usually means we are pre-occupied with this sort of stuff and you could say that ‘no news means please pray!’.

It’s good when we have times of peace and can be consciously built up but I know that the conflict times are inevitable if we are to make progress. When we see the devastation in some people’s lives and the sad lack of vision and perspective we are reminded there is so much work to be done, and yet the labourers still seem few.


  1. Prayer points noted….

    “No news means please pray…” – I think I’ll use that; there was at least one time I was wondering what to put into my email newsletter and had to pray hard before something came up!

    Anyways, I’ll definitely be lifting you guys up in prayer for sure.

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