Posted by: Rowland | July 24, 2008

Supportive friends

Just had 2 days as an observer at a Winning Strategies Seminar held for the benefit of a group of pastors from the New Testament Church of God denomination. The material originated with Bill Boerop of World Thrust International. The seminars were conducted by him with two local friends, Willie Cuke and Paul Hynam. Four others, including myself, sat in on the times, adding our questions and comments and then today three were ‘auditioned’ with a view to becoming accredited facilitators of the program. I’m not a great program guy myself but was impressed by much of the material especially perhaps the demonstration that the whole bible, not only well known New Testament commands, reflects God’s heart for the world and mandates world evangelisation i.e. is missional. There is an emphasis on the un-reached people groups of the world. The course in its present form doesn’t really allow adaptation beyond the ‘targetted’ pastors and as such was not something I could totally identify with: my priority concern is for the next, younger generation and I’m not a fan of the pastor-centred church! I tussled long with God before reaching my decision though – friendship has a drawing power! But we are gradually understanding each other and there was no pressure to conform. I can’t wait until we have breakfast together on Monday!



  1. Hi Rowland, I appreciate your evaluation of the World Thrust material. I met Bill in 1991 and since then we have established WT as a ministry in South Africa and have seen well over 3000 local churches get strategically involved in mission. Since 1991 our scene has changed in our cities with the influx of a few million central africans, arabs and chinese immigrants. Now missional churches are taking the challenge to also reach out to unevamgelised foreigners on our doorstep, many of them bringing their kids and teenagers with them. So we have gone full circle and have the challenge to reach out to this new generation of unreached. How wonderful to again acknowledge that the God of the Harvest is in control.

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