Posted by: Rowland | July 28, 2008

From another planet!

Enjoyed breakfast with my ‘ministerial’ friends and discussed last week’s workshops. But beyond teaming up for those and future activities what came to the fore was the mutual appreciation of relationships, especially our different church background perspectives. It was agreed that we not only had different perspectives but I may even have come from ‘another planet’ in that respect. Much laughter filled the restaurant!!!!!

I have often wondered why my life should take a different path to many, beginning with my resignation as an Anglican Ordinand when all my contemporaries were not likewise troubled in conscience by the issues that loomed large for me then. Recently I found an old tract in my bookshelves entitled ‘Others may, you cannot’ written by Bill Britton many years ago. Strictly it was written for the encouragement of any who found that becoming a Christian was drawing them into a life of crucifixion and humility but it seems to have become a ‘signature tune’ for my life of non-conformity. It was once said that I would never understand the heart that God had placed within me – I was simply to ‘receive it’, along with the grace to walk in God’s ways for me.

It’s good to have a distinctive contribution to make but it can be uncomfortable. 20 years ago in a similar ‘ministerial’ forum in England I well remember a Methodist Minister bursting out with “Rowley you are the prophet among us!” That may have been so in that setting but how we all need each other to make up the whole picture. What I’m seeing are truly only ‘glimpses’ of what God has in store for us.

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